The Big Clear – “Burnout”

March 28, 2013


The Big Clear

Christopher Harris

Short Cipher Press

275 pages, $12

A former Special Forces sniper is now a slacker detective trying to find a kidnapped child on the weekend the US invades Iraq. This is neo-noir where the parts fit, like they did in the originals though the plot is confused and scenes (ultra credible) seem to lead nowhere.

I don’t like the title, Austin Texas (the novel’s locale) means nothing to me (even though Bat Bridge is kind of neat), but the back story is mine (Vietnam, not Africa) and the emotional roller coaster is one I connect with. Ever read a book, and know while you’re reading it, you will go back to it three or four times? That’s The Big Clear.

Angela Easley says the “world’s greatest phoniness detector” is an old dog. “I have an old dog named Barny,” she says. “When I walk him, I swear more than half the people we run into are like, ‘Oh, look at the old soldier.’”

Barney would love this book.

4 out of 5Order this directly from amazon for $12. Click: The Big Clear: A Novel


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