HELLO, MY NAME IS NOT CANCER – “One Book You Must Read”

June 22, 2012

Hello, My Name is Not Cancer

 by Guy Beck

Huff Publishing Ass./Quill House Publishers

192 pages, paperback $14.99

Picture yourself on a cross-country airplane ride and the guy next to you starts talking. You immediately connect, in a way you seldom do even with family and friends. Before you know it you’ve arrived and you have learned things that will benefit you the rest of your life. Things you will think about late into the night, that will change how you feel about yourself, about others, about death and, yes, about God.

That is how this book will hit you. Not as a trip to California, but a trip to Cancer. It is remarkable. Guy takes us through his challenges, but more important they become ours. Sometimes startling, as when a worker tells Guy concerning his cancer, “You know they (fellow workers who resent Guy’s Christianity) hope to see you fall to pieces.” or “Truth is, they didn’t choose this anymore than we did. So together we need to work to create an environment that will allow our loved ones or friends to be open and honest with us about how this is impacting them.”

And open communication is what we get. When Guy Beck told me he was writing this book, I wondered aloud to him who would buy it: cancer victims who were angry, their families and friends who had no clue how to react except deny, hospitals/doctors who promise us what we want to hear, churches who don’t want reality to interfere with their mission. I still don’t know. But I do know this.

If you read a few chapters of this book you not only will buy it you will buy 5 or 6 to give to those you know. And, it will be the best present they receive in their lives.

Hello, My Name is Not Cancer is the most provocative, honest, insightful books I have read in years.


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