LIVING ARRANGEMENTS – “Welcome to the New Short Story”

June 11, 2012

Living Arrangements 

by Laura Maylene Walter

BkMk Press

210 pages, paperback $15.95

This book is like…well an old Gershwin tune that has specific, personal memoires attached. Once you read the stories you will never quite be able to get them out of your mind. The title piece recollects places the narrator has lived over her life (and I guarantee you will be doing the same thing). I played my brother’s clarinet, so that story rings uncomfortably true.

Some, like “The Ballad Solemn of Lady Malena” and “The Last Halloween,” are harrowing pieces you want to skip over, but can’t; whereas “The Second Rule of Yoga” lists questions all of us have but are too ashamed to ask.

Laura Maylene Walter is not like any other short story writer I am familiar with. You almost feel, as a reader, you are writing the content. It connects that well. I couldn’t put Living Arrangements down. My only wish is that it were my name as author on the cover.

Buy this directly from

amazon. Click Living Arrangements: Stories

Speaking of Gershwin, here’s a poem I did when reviewing Manhattan.


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