ZEN AND THE ART OF HAPPINESS – “You Are Already There.”

May 26, 2012

Zen and the Art of Happiness

 by Chris Prentiss

Power Press

148 pages, paperback $10.95

This book literally changed my life. I’ve read other books on Buddhism but, to be honest, couldn’t grasp what they were pontificating about (after all, if things are always in a state of change how do you come up with any truth about it that itself isn’t subject to change?). Prentiss does this by using plain words and simple, easy to grasp, life examples. This is one of the few books that, when I finished it I began reading it from the beginning again. And what I love best is it gives you the means to rise above whatever happens. Like dogs and cats we don’t need to fret about death, being locked in a car or bad job, the plight of others. We live in the present and the present is good once you drop the old baggage. To quote the author: “Here’s how to be happy, be happy.”

Buy directly from Amazon for $8.50. Click here: Zen And the Art of Happiness


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