THE CRY OF THE SLOTH – “Why You Won’t Read This”

April 10, 2012

The Cry of the Sloth

by Sam Savage

Coffee House Press

228 pages, 20095, $14.95

Most people won’t read this book, but not for the reasons you think. It is an original, well written story about a literary magazine publisher (novelist and landlord) who is going crazy. Somehow these three things fit. Someone who has to turn down submissions for a magazine that is losing money, a landlord hounding tenants for their rent and a novelist whose work reflects the frustration of his life.

Why won’t someone jump at a chance to read this? If they are writers, they are resentful of editors/publishers who reject their work. If they aren’t, isn’t it a pleasant conceit to think good writing comes from the gods (not your landlord). Even I, who am a publisher and novelist, would prefer the magic readers—who themselves may have shitty lives—believe that there is something that sweeps us away, delivers us to sunshine and nude beaches.

Sure earning a living selling shoes isn’t anything, but there are superstars who don’t have to work at paying the bills, who will let us bask in their radiance. Aren’t there?

Buy this directly from Amazon for $5.95. Click here: The Cry of the Sloth


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