THE CAT’S APPRENTICE – “A Cat Is Trying to Murder Me”

March 26, 2012

The Cat’s Apprentice 

by Wednesday Lee Friday

StoneGarden.net Publishing

180 pages, 2008, $9.95

This is a totally original book that works. We start with two women who distrust each other at a high school reunion, follow their disastrous lives…then see a resolution through the eyes of metamorphosed cats.

It is a totally confusing jig saw puzzle that all fits together in the end (and by the end I mean the last page). Just when the hippie-witchcraft stuff starts to lose you, we are back to a real-life drama with surprising ramifications (ram-i-fi-cat-ions). Not at all a romanticized take on our pets but a warning that there is more than meets the eye.

Even my dog liked it.

Buy this book directly from Amazon for $9.95. Click the title here: The Cat’s Apprentice


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