THE WORLD ALMANAC FOR KIDS 2012 – “Bathroom Education”

October 31, 2011

The World Almanac for Kids, 2012

World Almanac Books,2012

352 pages, $13.99 (soft cover)

I’ve raised two kids and this is not the kind of book I would have given either for Christmas or for getting a “B” in high school geometry. It is the kind of book I would buy and put on the back of the toilet, to be sampled a little each day by everyone in the family. And I’m not sure a year of doing that wouldn’t generate a better education than any school could offer. This is a colorful, fun presentation of statistics, facts and stories that covers everything from vertebrates to who was the youngest Academy Awards host to a short history of tall buildings.

For those of us who like to skim and scan, this is paradise. I revisited fashion in the ‘70’s, found out why the Dept of Agriculture scrapped the food pyramid and even learned that racquetball burns twice as many calories per minute than bicycling. Did you know that the smallest bones in the human body are found in the ear or that the fastest insect is the dragonfly (at 35 miles per hour)? The most useful info for kids are the pages that outline what some professionals do during their work day: a veterinarian, fashion designer, systems engineer. No one asked, but a book reviewer spends a lot of time reading on the toilet (where do you think that second sentence in the first paragraph above came from?).

To order this directly from Amazon for only $8.32, click: The World Almanac for Kids 2012


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