ALL CRY CHAOS – “Danger, High Voltage Ahead”

September 28, 2011

All Cry Chaos by Leonard Rosen

The Permanent Press, 2012

332 pages, $29 (hardcover)

I found this book disturbing for three reasons:

1. Members of the Interpol investigator’s family are killed or maimed. No longer do we have the independent agent immune to violence, but a character we care about entrapped in a Job-like nightmare where there seems no way out.

2. Like mathematics (and the hero is great grandson of the legendary mathematician, Jules Henri Poincaré) the plot elements in the book (fractals,  computational research, chaos) have a correspondence in our real world. We are reading fiction that is like an equation for real complexities challenging us today. The novel and the equation may not be real, but what they represent is disturbingly so. And if there are rules, must their ultimately be a Rule Maker?

3. Do we read for truth and emotion or do we read to escape them? Sitting there reading this book, you must decide (and reading and writing are things most of us enjoy without analyzing why).

Perhaps there are a few too many characters, too many zips back and forth between Europe and North America  and one or two too many cases of mistaken identity, but don’t get me wrong. This is also a good turn-the-page mystery and the ending is emotionally and intellectually satisfying. Cry Chaos certainly stays with you long after you are done reading it.

No, the implications of this book go well beyond anything I had expected. And about two-thirds of the way through, rightly or wrongly, I felt I was reading the first truly modern detective novel. I just wasn’t sure I could handle it, nor whether I ever wanted to read another like it again.

Buy direct from amazon for $18.94. Click here: All Cry Chaos (Henri Poincare)



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