THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM – “Don’t Bother Checking It Out”

April 20, 2011


by Nathan Larson
Akashic Books, 2011
$15.95, 251 pages

The best thing about this book is the name of the narrator, “Dewey Decimal,” who is holed-up in a post-apocalyptic New York Library. The worst? Everything else. There was a time when Phillip K. Dick plots seemed like good escapist fiction. Today, in the midst of their reality, we need something else, besides: “Now, it’s important to understand that I believe I have had certain aspects of my memory erased while laid up in D.C. What’s more, I believe I had false memories implanted. I have no way to prove this, it just feels true. It’s a gut thing. As a result, I look at my recollections or dreams with suspicion.” Give me a break!

And the black, Ukrainian speaking main character doesn’t seem either black or Ukranian. And then, to knit pick further, there is the over dramatized picture of the author on the back cover—Hollywood at its worst. OK, there are a few surprises and a certain frantic energy, but the settings are little better than street numbers and I felt more beat down by the plot than curious about any resolution. Nathan Larson is an award winning film music composer (Boys Don’t Cry, Dirty Pretty Things). Nathan, I suggest you watch Dirty Pretty Things again, and then don’t quit your day job in order to write novels quite yet.

Order this directly from amazon for $10.85. Click here: The Dewey Decimal System: A Novel (Akashic Urban Surreal Series)


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