A CHRISTMAS WISH – “It’s a Wonderful Life”

December 15, 2010

A Christmas Wish

by Greg Borowski

Badger Books

$19.95, 128 pages

Hard to imagine a Christmas story that isn’t sentimental. And many of these tales are, but like the movie/TV classic, there are times when that tone seems right. And this little book, with colorful cover, built in bookmark and stylistic drawings across from each title page, would just fit into the stocking of a hard-to-buy-for co-worker, relative or friend. There are the surprise visits by the real Santa and unexpected gifts left by a departed mother and found in the top shelf of a closet, but there are some contemporary touches—a misplaced cell phone that belongs to Santa, a boy who only wants the gift of his grandfather being happy again (the last story which is a great twist on the first one).

The author, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter, says, “The stories are a product of a Christmas tradition of mine, in which each year I write a new story and send it to family and friends with my Christmas cards. For many, the stories have become a tradition as well, whether read together as a family on Christmas Eve or copied and shared with others, who pass them on again.” Writing may be a solitary endeavor, but sharing your work with others like this is a wonderful life.

Order directly from amazon. Click: A Christmas Wish and More Stories of the Season


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