December 14, 2010

Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer

by Petrucha, Kinney & Murase

Papercut Z

$10.99, 62 pages

Some graphic treatments of old favorites end up being talking heads narrating plot. Not so this little hard-cover prize which is tongue-and-cheek about the vampire craze, true to the intelligence and wit of the original Nancy Drew series, and pops and zips in the best graphic novel tradition. There are verbal gems, like this: “”If vampires aren’t real why are there so many books about them?” and “”Little did my dear trusting pals realize that they’d forgotten the first rule of detective work – the suspect always returns to the house while you’re searching it.”

Of necessity much of the action takes place at night which makes the bright colored characters jump off the page. There’s are underlying themes of “friendship,” “trust” and “mysteries within mysteries.” My only disappointment is that this is “Part One” of the to-be-continued saga. Dollar wise that’s a bit of a rip off, but also, how are we supposed to wait. This is a nice gift for a boy or girl you want to hook on reading (and for those kids’ parents who know there is more to life than movies and TV).  

Order directly from amazon for   $6.99. Click: Nancy Drew The New Case Files #1: Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer (Nancy Drew New Case Files)


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