DOGS NEVER LIE ABOUT LOVE — “Doesn’t do the trick.”

December 13, 2010

Dogs Never Lie about Love

by Jeffrey Moussaieff Mason

Three River Press

$14.99, 276 pages

Ever read a book where you agree with everything, yet don’t much care for it? Perhaps I’ve been spoiled by others that explore the emotional connection between a particular dog and a particular person. This is more like a college lecture series, reaching for authority to prove points we who have already bought the book already believe. Oh, I liked the observations of the author about the changing relationships between his dogs and cats (I have three dogs and five cats and don’t think I’ve ever seen the subject addressed before). And the questions about the thoughts, emotions and dreams of dogs grabbed my attention.

But “For a dog, every memory is a delight.”—says it all, we don’t need (or want) Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Voltaire, Darwin or Linnaeus. “Animal behaviorists have found play to be a sign of physical and mental well-being in an animal.” Really? This book has depth, range and authority (and I love the title), but you can learn everything it has to say by just spending ten minutes with your dog and, I guarantee, you will feel half as grouchy afterwards.

Buy this book directly from amazon for $9.25. Click: Dogs Never Lie About Love : Reflections on the Emotional World of Dogs


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