RIDING THE ALLIGATOR — “after while crocodile”

December 12, 2010

Riding the Alligator, Strategies for a Career in Screenplay Writing

by Pen Densham

Michael Wiese Productions

$24.95, 250 pages

Despite its intriguing title, I felt fine skimming over the first hundred or so pages. Not much new about writing or publicizing yourself into success. The author made a brief film with Marshall McLuhan in the Seventies and the bit of “the medium is the message” that stuck leads to the best discussion: Why do we go to the movies? How Act 2 needs to deliver on Act 1? The importance of cultivating an audience’s emotion.

One thing I did find unique and really appreciated was a section toward the end surveying other top books on the subject (with bulleted points learned from each). It is like standing in front of the bookshelf of a well respected authority and glancing over the highlighted sections of his or her favorite resources. I don’t know if that will make you a great screenwriter, but it certainly allows you to cover a lot of ground quickly, right alligator?

Buy this directly from amazon for 18.21. Click here: Riding the Alligator: Strategies for a Career in Screenplay Writing (and not getting eaten)


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