December 9, 2010

The Daring Spectacle

by Mark Morford

Rapture Machine

$20,  346 pages

Those of you bemoaning the death of no-holds-barred might want to have a look at this wildly opinionated collection. It’s a little like the Maury Povich TV Show, that makes you happy for bland sit-coms with recorded laugh tracks. Just when you think Mark Morford’s articles couldn’t get more offensive, they do. He himself admits, “I am no Dave Barry, sweetly wisecrackin’ on the nature of, say, sock drawers and middle-class marriage and the sundry absurdities of mundane suburbia.”  

Oh, maybe you like articles titled “A Question of Dripping Women,” “How to Get Drunk at the Airport,” “Hippie Crap Saves the World” or “Dead People Smoke Camels.” I have to admit agreeing with the guy that the new problem in America is not tattoos. It’s bad tattoos. (Thank God mine are classy.) But the photos are hot in a way dated porn was; the layout, very hip; and whatever you think, the content is never dull. As Morord says, “Irony loves company” and we’re all going to hell anyway.

Buy this book directly from amazon for $13.60. Click here: Daring Spectacle: Adventures in Deviant Journalism


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