PRETTY, PRETTY, PRETTY GOOD — “Here’s Larry David Bald”

December 4, 2010

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good

by Josh Levine 

ECW Press

$16.95 (paperback), 290 pages

Larry David is the unseen genius behind Seinfeld and the very-seen genius of Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s interesting to see how someone we think we know really works and hear some of the behind-the-scenes inspirations for episodes of both series. And this is a very well presented book. But, here’s Larry’s  own stand-up comedy line which I think sheds some unconscious light on a comparison between the two programs: “I’ll tell you something about good-looking people. We’re not well liked.”

In Seinfeld we like the yuppie characters and it makes our lives seem good when theirs get screwed up. Like many of you I have watched these seven or eight times and still find myself chuckling. I enjoyed watching Curb Your Enthusiasm the first time, but am less enamored with its re-runs. Here’s an in-your-face nitpicker who does seem to have it all—an expensive house, an understanding wife (at least she is until season seven), no real need to go to a job every day and true friends like Richard Lewis and Jeff Garlin who keep his life interesting. But what’s in it for us? Seeing that he gets what he deserves and bounces back isn’t quite enough, or it’s too much—at least for those out here in the Midwest who like shows about nothing.


John Lehman – Rosebud Book Reviews.com

Buy this directly from amazon for $11.53. Click: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good: Larry David and the Making of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm


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