PERSONAL WISDOM — “Making Some Sense Out of Life”

December 4, 2010

Personal Wisdom

by Robert Brown 

Denro Classics

$16.95 (paperback), 300 pages

I read the first eighty pages of this guide in a day, and then spent the next couple of weeks on the rest of it. The reason: Brown asks us to do some serious thinking about our own particular personal values, our defining moments and what roles we play that give us a sense of identity. Talk about thinking outside the book! I found these exercises profound along with sections on “perfection, “ “what women want” and “what words we would like written on our tombstones.”

Brown believes that life isn’t so much what you experience as what you decide, and goes on to explain: “Your roots have made you what you are, solid, down to earth, fixed, and maybe stuck. Without roots, you cannot stand, but with overdeveloped roots, you cannot move. Your roots are from the lives of everyone before you creating your world out of theirs. The wind is how everyone during your life tries to make you more like them.” My favorite passage: “The bottom line? Meet your maker. it’s you. Take responsibility for your brief yet wonderfully significant existence. Make your life yours…”

It turns out a satisfying life requires making good decisions and adjusting to the consequences of whatever happens when things go wrong. This is solid and if the reader were being counseled directly by Robert Brown, the applications would be more specific than is possible in a book for a general audience. Can’t fault the author for that, but it does place the burden on us. And that’s probably where it should be anyway.

Buy this book directly from amazon for $14.95. Click: Personal Wisdom: Making Sense Of You, Others And The Meaning Of Life


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