DAYS OF OUR LIVES: 45 YEARS – “Do not eat; Fake food for program.”

September 19, 2010


Days of Our Lives

by Greg Meng and Eddie Campbell

Sourcebooks, Inc, $29.99, 256 pages 

This is a really convoluted book review. I never saw Days of Our Lives on TV. I did grow up listening to soap operas every day on the radio, during lunch and after school. And a book about a TV program? But the truth is, fans will like this no matter what I say, and those who are as ignorant as I am may find this worth looking at for the same reasons I do.

For starters there are the names of the characters: “Patch,” ”Hope,” “Sister Colleen,” Calliope,” “Stephano,” “Roman,” “Rafe,” “Arianna,” “Kayla.” When is the last time you met a Calliope or Rafe in real life? However what is suggestive is that I have met some little kids their mothers have named, “Kayla” and “Arianna.” Now where did those come from? Or how about those frozen moments at the end of a scene when the man and woman stare at each other as the music climaxes? Well, in a photo book every picture does that, and we in the (TV or reading) audience are free to let our imaginations take over. 

There is an incredible amount of TV crew with equipment for each simple set-up of course. Some of this is impressive, some will cause you to chuckle, such as: “DO NOT EAT, FAKE FOOD FOR PROGRAM.” I love some of the real, behind-the-scenes stuff too: “Doug” and “Julie” rehearsing lines on a tandem bike, “Dash” walking down the street of a set playing a harmonica. The sign on the door says, “No Visitors on Set While Taping. No Exceptions.” But this book does make us the exception. From their first cup of coffee in the morning through the production day. And “like sands though the hourglass” we contemplate not only a program but the days of our lives during its historic run—the longest scripted program in NBC’s history.

To purchase directly from amazon for $19.79 click: Days of our Lives 45 Years: A Celebration in Photos


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