CANCER IS A WORD, NOT A SENTENCE — “An Invaluable Guide for the First Weeks”

September 8, 2010

Cancer Is a Word, Not a Sentence

by Dr. Robert Buckman

Firefly Books, $19.95 

Even as a word it is one of the most terrifying to hear if it is your diagnosis. This book gives people receiving the news (and their friends and family) a comprehensive map not only about types of cancer, treatments, anti-nausiants plus pertinent organizations and web sites, but equally important, chapters on: “How to Get Back on Track,” “Do I always Have to Have a Positive Attitude?” and “What Can I Do to Help Myself?” 

This includes rethinking that a patient is somehow responsible, “Blaming the patient helps people who do not have the disease feel safe, and perhaps superior. If we can identify something the patient has done, and has chosen to do, that caused the cancer, then maybe, the reasoning goes, we will not get that cancer if we are careful.” 

There’s an eye-opening section on alternate cures. Buckman is a well qualified expert who speaks a language of practical common sense for a real world that a cancer diagnosis seems to set spinning. Even if you don’t read this book here is one thing you have to know. As he says, it might be the most ignored and under-publicized medical statistic in the known world: “Of all the people diagnosed with one of the cancers this year just over half will survive it and will not be troubled by it for the rest of their life.” In either case, this book is essential. 

Buy it. Read it. Share it. And do that now.                                                                                           

Buy this book directly from amazon for $15.56. Click here: Cancer is a Word, Not a Sentence: A Practical Guide to Help You Through the First Few Weeks

– John Lehman, Rosebud Book Reviews


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