FADE TO BLACK – “1,500 Movie Obituaries”

August 10, 2010

Fade to Black

by Paul Donnelley, Omnibus Press, 2010, $29.95

     Steve McQueen was a macho shrimp, raised in a brothel – a former Marine who was bisexual and died of AIDS. Milton Berle called himself, “The Thief of Bad Gags,” and here are the real causes of George “Superman” Reeves death (portrayed so inconclusively in “Hollywood Land.” Discover how Joseph Kennedy (JFK’s father) first consumed his affair with Gloria Swanson and find out who said of Elia Kazan’s receiving the lifelong-achievement Oscar, “If we didn’t honor backstabbers in this town, there would be no awards ceremony.”

     At first glance you might wonder who would buy a book like this – film school libraries? But the answer is, most of us have shared our lives with these stars, would be stars, directors, writers and Hollywood groupies. Here finally is a chance to get their story straight from someone who has done the reading, research and follow-through that make them human. There are also great additional reading titles listed after each subject. “Fade to Black” is a terrific title for a terrific book, you need to buy and have on that shelf above your DVD player.

Click to buy it directly from amazon for $22.95 Fade to Black: A Book of Movie Obituaries (Omnibus Press)


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