WHERE TROUBLE SLEEPS – “Or Garrison Keillor meets Flannery O’Conner.”

June 7, 2010

Where Trouble Sleeps

Clyde Edegerton

Ballantine Books, New York

A bit confusing with a small town full of characters and an ending that seems a bit improbably (drawn out and disapointing). But the title is great and this subject has a  hold on the author that goes beyond storytelling…

Edgerton: “One of my earliest memories is that of my mother taking me to see the electric chair when I was six years old. She did that to make an impression on me, to ensure that I would not stray in my life and succumb to tempatation…”

“When I was growin up I would sit on the front porch of my uncle’s grocery store and look across at the men drinking beer. At that intersection there was a blinker light… I knew I had my setting and that all the scenes I had in mind would work here.” 

“I had written a story about a misfit murdered by a grandma–but that was separate from the story about the little intersection with the blinker light. I just decided to put them together.”

Buy this directly from amazon for  $12.95.  Click here:  Where Trouble Sleeps (Ballantine Reader’s Circle)


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