THE WRITER’S CAVE (CD) – “Why writers write what they do.”

August 21, 2009
Cave CD Single Cover

Brand new, studio-recorded CD available here for $10 and from amazon.com for $12.

The Writer’s Cave is a dramatic presentation by poet/writer/playwright John Lehman. It is full of true examples of how the creative process works, including such examples as a first-hand encounter with Orson Welles and the inside story of the book, America’s Greatest Unknown Poet: Lorine Niedecker. And, don’t miss an application of eight stages of writing to a strange short story that takes place in Madison. Presented as a one-person show in different parts of the country The Writer’s Cave is a studio-recorded, one hour CD that if fun to listen to and will change the way you think of writing.

For an audio sample click: http://coffeespew.wordpress.com/2009/09/04/the-writers-cave/.

Buy direct form amazon, $10. Click here: The Writer’s Cave – CD




One comment

  1. Lehman went into a recording studio and produced an audio version of The Writer’s Cave, now available on CD. It’s Lehman’s own voice relating his unique mixture of memoir and writer’s insight. Check some of the audio out on my site.

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